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The Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (NAS) is renowned for its expertise in forestry and agriculture, biotechnology and so much more. This year we aim to raise funds for our students. The future researchers that make all this possible.

Your donations can ease the financial burdens experienced by helping with undergrad registration fees and necessities such as food and accommodation.

In addition to this, our postgraduate travel fund gives our students the opportunity to expand their research networks and the opportunity to learn from other global practitioners.


NAS undergraduate historical debt fund

Every year numerous students face difficulties registering because of the financial strain of paying off historical debt. You can help these students register and achieve their full potential by donating to this fund. 

Miertjie Le Roux Experimental farm development project 

Located in an agricultural hub, the Miertjie Le Roux Experimental farm will be developed into an Agricultural research and teaching site. Building towards a sustainable living lab concept, the Marietjie Le Roux experimental site will allow students and other stakeholders to collaborate on experiential projects. 

NAS food campaign 

The higher costs of living, resulting from global fluctuations has placed many NAS students at risk. Food and other basic commodities are essential components to happy and healthy lifestyles. We aim to use the funds raised to assist our most vulnerable students with basic necessities. Please donate and help us support deserving students while pursuing their academic studies. 

NAS postgraduate conference travel fund

An essential experience of postgraduate studies is to be able to present your research at international or national scientific conferences. This experience not only develops presentation skills but also shapes research ideas, research networks and exposure to the latest research trends. Please help us to fund our most deserving postgraduates travel expenses for conferences, be it overseas or in South Africa. 

NAS indigenous crops projects 

Indigenous fruits and vegetables are well-adapted to harsh climates and disease infestation, yet they are underutilised in urban settings, in South Africa. This project aims to bring together students, researchers, communities and other stakeholders towards developing sustainable circular agricultural practices, specifically relating to growing indigenous crops. Crops will be grown onsite by staff and students, using indigenous and scientific knowledge. Products will be developed into scrumptious recipes for students and staff on campus. 

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